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COVID UPDATE  – 29 June 2021

Due to the new lockdown level 4 restrictions the Church will be closed for the next two weeks. We will continue with our online service and the link is available on the home page of our website. God bless and stay safe.

COVID – UPDATE – 17 February 2021

We are opening our church again! First service will be on the 21 February 2021 at 8:00 am. There is no need to book a place but a maximum of 50 people will be allowed in the church with social distancing. Please remember to wear a mask and we can not wait to see you lovely St Mags family again. All COVID regulations will be followed to keep everyone safe.

COVID – UPDATE – 24 January 2021

Due to the second wave of  COVID we had to suspend our in service  meeting just before Christmas but we are excited to announce that from the 24 January 2021 we will be broadcasting live services from St Margarets again. There will be a small team in attendance to see to the  technical side. We can not wait to “see” you lovely St Mags family again. All COVID regulations will be followed to keep everyone safe.

COVID -19 St Margarets – Update – 9 October 2020

W 8:00am. If you would like to join us please contact Kathy at  to book your seat.

Please also watch our video detailing the COVID-19 regulations we will follow to keep every one attending safe and read our newsletter to familiarise you with the procedures. We look forward to welcoming you our St Margarets family again.

COVID-19 – St Margarets – Update 31 July 2020

To find out more view here


COVID-19 – St Margarets response – Update 26 April 2020

Please watch our video, detailing how we at  St Margaret’s are responding to the desperate hunger that many people are experiencing here in our local community, as well as working with St Peters Church in the Point area to help refugee families who do not qualify for government assistance. The need is immense and we cannot do this on our own.

If you are able to assist with any donation, our banking details are as follows:

St Margaret’s Church
Standard Bank Durban North
Branch Code- 042 826
Account number- 051 409 615
Please make sure your donation is referenced “Care Packages”

We cannot do this on our own. Please join us as we reach out in love – together we can make a difference.


We thank you.

COVID-19 ST MARGARET’S RESPONSE – Update 7 April 2020

Thank you so much to those of you who have offered to assist those in need with the buying of groceries, or items from the chemist, and/or supplying meals for those who are unable due to illness.

If you find that you do need assistance with the above, please let us know.


You can contact us:

Tel: (031) 563 9474


Office hours: Monday – Friday

8 -12 noon

We will endeavour to help as much as we can.

If you would like to be added to the list of those who are willing to do shopping or to make meals, please let us know.



COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidance – UPDATE 24 March 2020

Important Notice

In order to protect our most vulnerable church members, we have decided to suspend all services and events at St Margaret’s for the next three weeks until 14 April, in line with the President’s timeframe for school closures. This is a precautionary measure.

We are members of a worldwide Anglican communion and we are following the example of the Church of England, the Diocese of Sydney and, nearer to home, the Diocese of Johannesburg. All have suspended services until further notice.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and adjust our response accordingly. The staff team will communicate with St Mag’s members via a newly created WhatsApp group, by email newsletter, via our Facebook page (@stmagsdurban) and through our website:

During this time of great uncertainty around the world, it is really important that, as Christians, we remember that nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:39). Fear is the greatest virus. The Bible tells us “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18). Let us remember these truths as we navigate unknown waters.

St Margaret’s is not closing down. We want to stay connected as a church community and serve those who are in need. We are putting the following in place:

  1. We will live stream services:
    • Thursday at 9am (a short reflection and prayers)
    • Sunday at 9am (for everyone)
  2. We will record a Godly Play story for our children and some activities they can do at home
  3. Tim will post regular updates and “thought for the day” on social media
  4. All sermons will continue to be available on Soundcloud
  5. We want St Mag’s to become a ‘support centre’ during this crisis. If you find yourself in a period of self or mandated isolation, we are in the process of setting up a shopping service (on specified days). If you become sick and unable to care for yourself, we will endeavour to provide meals.

We will keep you updated about live streaming and other developments shortly.

Please contact Kathy or Tim at the church office (032) 563 9474 if you have any questions or would like to offer to help.



COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidance – 18 March 2020

We have been closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and, following advice from the Department of Health, we are taking appropriate steps to ensure we keep our congregations, staff team and visitors to St Margaret as safe as possible.  St Mags Executive are meeting to decide the course of action.

Our prayer is with our nation, city, community and church.

The greatest virus is fear.

As followers of Jesus we can look to his victory.

‘… every one born of God has overcome the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.’
(1 John 5:4)

Whilst we profoundly believe in the power of prayer to dispel fear and God’s ability to change the course of this disease, we also believe that we must also play our part to restrict the spread of COVID-19.

Some basic measures have been approved for healthy life at St Margaret’s.

General Advice and Precautions  

Please do not attend church if:

  • You are in a vulnerable, high-risk group
  • If you have a recent onset of a new continuous cough and/or high temperature, Public Health Guidance can be found by:
  • Calling Department of Health hotline 0800 029 999
  • Texting Department of Health on WhatsApp 060 012 3456
  • Finding local medical health advice on our website


St Margaret’s Services and Events

These are some of the steps we are now taking more widely to help prevent the spread of infection:

  • On arrival at St Margarets please thoroughly wash and/or sanitise your hands
  • A change in the way we take communion, this will now be taken ‘in one Kind’ as directed by Archbishop Thabo, for the foreseeable future. It is Anglican teaching that to receive the sacrament ‘in one Kind’ (i.e. just the bread) is to receive the sacrament in its entirety
  • We are closely monitoring updates from Department of Health and from the Diocese of Natal in relation to our services and events
  • We are doing all we can to provide hand washing facilities and hand sanitisation across our site, during services and events
  • We are being hyper vigilant in the preparation and handling of food
  • We are asking all team and volunteers, who are feeling unwell, to stay away from serving until fully recovered
  • To help prevent the spread of infection, please follow general best practice as outlined by Department of Health

Travel advice  

  • If you have recently returned from abroad, or are planning travel, please ensure that you are following all Government advice.
  • Please DO NOT ATTEND CHURCH if you are in a period of self, or mandated isolation.

Please note, we will add any further updates to this page. We continue to monitor developing advice from the Department of Health and looking to our Archbishop for further direction.
In the meantime, we will continue as usual and look forward to seeing you on Sundays, until further notice.

Rector, Revd. Tim McGowan and Executive


Summary from SA President, Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech Sunday 15th March 2020

  • National state of disaster declared. Rapid effective response system.
  • Limit contact with those infected
  • Travel ban on foreigners from high risk countries as of 18th March. Visas cancelled
  • SA residents to avoid travel to high risk countries
  • Travel alerts will b issued based in risk level
  • SA citizens returning from high risk area self-quarantine
  • Medium risk country travel to be subjected to testing
  • 72 ports of entry. 35 to be shut down. 2 seaports to be closed
  • Gathering of more than 100 prohibited
  • Small gathering organizer must have a plan
  • Schools to close on Wed 18 March till after Easter holidays
  • Tertiary institutions to be consulted
  • All businesses to ensure they intensify measure re-hygiene control
  • Shopping malls to ensure hygiene control measures
  • Increase capacity of hospitals
  • Monitoring system
  • Mass campaign to educate
  • Minimize physical contact
  • Funding available to reinforce the systems introduced
  • National Command Council to meet 3 times per week.